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With more than 80 programs serving more than 160,000 Marylanders each year, Catholic Charities of Baltimore relies on the generosity of more than 17,000 volunteers who serve thousands of hours every year to help us fulfill our mission of improving the lives of Marylanders in need.

We serve all those in need, regardless of their religious beliefs. Our donors, volunteers, clients, and employees come from every walk of life, ethnic, and religious background. 

Volunteering with Catholic Charities is a fun, impactful way to contribute to your community. While volunteering, you also can build comradery with your team, teach your children the value of community service or meet others who want to make a change in the world. Catholic Charities has something for everyone! Serving people of all ages, we can help you find your place to make a difference.

Q. Do I have to be Catholic to volunteer?
A. No, we welcome volunteers of all faiths, ages and group sizes. Our volunteers reflect the diversity of our clients and the community in which we serve.

Q. Who do I contact for more information about volunteering?
A. To further discuss volunteer opportunities with Catholic Charities, please contact Patricia Newman at 667-600-2024 or volunteer@cc-md.org. If you know which program you are interested in volunteering with, you may also contact the program specific volunteer coordinator found on the program’s page.

Q. Am I required to fill out an application?
A. Yes, after discussing volunteer interests and opportunities with a program Volunteer Coordinator you may be asked to fill out an application.
If you are participating in a special one-time group volunteer activity (United Way, school or faith-based group, etc) a formal application will not be required.

Q. Are there special requirements to volunteer with Catholic Charities?
A. In some cases, in order to protect and provide the best service to our clients, some programs may require a background check before you will be assigned a volunteer position. Certain volunteer activities where you will be transporting clients or driving on behalf of Catholic Charities will require a driving record check. The program Volunteer Coordinator will discuss specific requirements with you before a volunteer position is assigned.

If you are participating in a special one-time group volunteer activity (United Way, school or faith-based group, etc) you may be exempt from background check requirements.

Moreover, privacy and other regulations may require that volunteers are of a certain age.

Q. Is there flexibility with time commitment on certain projects?
A. Each program and volunteer activity requires a different level of commitment. We will work with you to find a volunteer opportunity that can fit both your schedule and our program needs. Please discuss time commitments and flexibility with the Volunteer Coordinator of the program in which you wish to volunteer.

Q. May men volunteer at programs specifically aimed at women and vice versa?
A. For the most part, yes, men and women are welcome at all of our programs as volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator will inform you of any policies they have specific to their site.

Family Services Programs Office E-mail Web
Mikael Kristiansen – Divisional Volunteer Services Manager 667-600-3039 mkristiansen@cc-md.org  Click here
Maria Busko – Coordinator of Volunteer Services 667-600-3006 mbusko@cc-md.org  Click here
St. Vincent’s Villa, Villa Maria Schools, Villa Maria Community Resources, Center for Family Services, Safe Streets      
Lauren Porter – Mentor Program Coordinator 667-600-3054 lporter@cc-md.org  Click here
Stephanie Eckhart – Community Outreach   seckhart@cc-md.org  Click here
Gallagher Services      
Joanna Leuschner 667-600-2544 jleuschner@cc-md.org Click here
Community Services Programs      
Anna’s House and Harford County Early Head Start      
Jennifer Crosson 667-600-2843 jcrosson@cc-md.org  Click here
Esperanza Center      
Eric Seymour 667-600-2903 eseymour@cc-md.org  
My Sister’s Place Women’s Center/Lodge, Baltimore City and Carroll County Head Start Programs      
Jackie Reid 667-600-3702  jreid@cc-md.org  Click here
Our Daily Bread Employment Center and

Christopher Place Employment Academy

Nick Rudomin  667-600-3438  nrudomin@cc-md.org  Click here
Sarah’s House      
Bruce Clopein  667-600-3556  bclopein@cc-md.org  Click here
Weinberg Housing and Resource Center      
Caitlin Balicki 667-600-3236 cbalicki@cc-md.org  Click here
Senior Services programs      
Jill Kratz 667-600-2281 jkratz@cc-md.org  
Central Services      
Patricia Newman 667-600-2024 pnewman@cc-md.org        
Project SERVE and Student Breaks      
 Sarah McIlvried 667-600-2020 smcilvried@cc-md.org   Click here
Agency Volunteer  Committee Chair      
Allison Stone  667-600-3354  astone@cc-md.org  

Ways to Serve

By providing your organizational skills, you can help our staff focus on their priorities and help us serve more people in need. LEARN MORE>>

Join with Catholic Charities in a week of service with your college or university group. LEARN MORE>>

AWARE is an interactive, hands-on educational experience that helps to broaden people’s perspectives on those in need. LEARN MORE>>

Provide assistance and support to our team of caregivers as they support our clients in reaching their goals. LEARN MORE>>

Many programs have regular needs that you and your group can help fill! LEARN MORE>>

Use your event planning enthusiasm and skills to help us raise friends and funds to support our life-giving work. LEARN MORE>>

We offer a variety of internship experiences with different populations in multiple locations. LEARN MORE>>

Join Our Daily Bread Employment Center in Baltimore City to serve a meal to those who are hungry. LEARN MORE>>

My Sister’s Place Women’s Center also has a Casserole Program and needs volunteers to make and serve meals. LEARN MORE>>

Be present in the life of a child in order to help provide stability and encourage their self-esteem. LEARN MORE>>

Seasonal work to help us keep our grounds groomed and well taken care of. LEARN MORE>>

Use us as a resource to develop your parish’s social justice ministry; and find ways for your parish to serve with us, both in direct service and advocacy work. LEARN MORE>>

Lawyers and legal professionals needed to provide services with our Esperanza Center ILS Pro Bono Services Program. Other professional volunteer opportunities are available across the agency. LEARN MORE>>

A year-long service program for recent college graduates focusing on social justice, intentional living community and simplicity and sustainability all rooted in faith and spirituality. LEARN MORE>>

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