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Young Professionals, Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities’ group for Baltimore area young professionals mission is to engage young people through networking, volunteering, philanthropy, and education.

A gift of $10/month of $120/year makes you a member of our young professionals organization, giving you insider access to events and opportunities and making you a partner to our work in West Baltimore, where Catholic Charities operates five food pantries, a hands-on job training program for auto mechanics, as well as Safe Streets, a Baltimore City Health Department approved approach to violence that saves lives and dramatically reduces gun violence. Since its inception, Safe Streets Baltimore conducted more than 200 conflict mediations (interruptions) that would have resulted in gun violence.

Join today, with your gift of $10/month!

For questions about Young Professionals, Catholic Charities or how to become a member, contact Brian Boles at bboles@cc-md.org or 667-600-2016.

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