The Alliance for Catholic Charities

Who are we?

The Alliance, the Catholic Charities’ group for Baltimore area young professionals, is a diverse group of next-generation leaders who believe in service to our communities and working for social justice. Our mission is to engage like-minded, young professionals in networking, volunteer, philanthropic, and professional development opportunities. We strive to create and promote fun and empowering events and gatherings designed to positively impact individuals and families within our communities. The Alliance defines “young professionals” as individuals between 21 and 40 years of age.  

Why join?  

The Alliance’s membership dues, donations, and special events support the mission of Catholic Charities to improve the lives of over 160,000 individuals and families in Maryland of all faiths, ages, and ethnicities. Every day, at over 80 programs at 200 locations throughout Maryland, Catholic Charities of Baltimore serves children and families, people living in poverty, individuals with intellectual disabilities, immigrants, and seniors. Employees and volunteers on behalf of Catholic Charities of Baltimore prepares and serves over 500,000 meals a year to people who depend on them for a daily hot meal. As The Alliance members, we are called to be the next generation of leaders, to pick up the mantle and make a lasting impact in our community.

What do I get for my membership donation?

As a member of The Alliance, you can network with other young professionals, emerging business leaders, as well as established business leaders in our community through:  

  • Leadership & professional development events  
  • Discounted admission to our signature event (Previously the After Party – in conjunction with Catholic Charities’ Taste of Maryland event)
  • Discounted admission to Catholic Charities events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunity to receive invitations   to exclusive events  
  • Recognition in The Alliance Annual Report and Catholic Charities Annual Report (based on your giving level)  
  • Opportunity to serve on The Alliance’s Executive and Leadership Committee
  • Opportunity to serve as chair or a planning member of special event committees  

A minimum donation of $60 per year (just $5 a month) is required to be a member of The Alliance.  


Membership Levels

Level 1 Membership: $60 per year

Includes invitations to all Alliance sponsored social and professional development events, as well as our service activities. Members at this level will be recognized on the Alliance webpage and social media platforms.

Level 2 Membership: $120 per year  

Includes all aspects of the Level 1 membership, in addition to the opportunity to serve on The Alliance Leadership Committee. Members of the Leadership Committee will help provide governance for the group and assist in leading service activities and planning events. Leadership Committee members are also granted access to exclusive events and receive recognition across the agency and the Board of Directors.  

Level 3 Membership: $250-999 per year

Includes all aspects of Level 2 membership, in addition to annual recognition in the Catholic Charities Online Annual Report, seen by over 10,000 people. Level 3 members may receive invitations to exclusive events.  

Level 4 Membership: $1000+ per year  

Includes all aspects of Level 3 membership, in addition to recognition for participation in the Catholic Charities Leadership Breakfast Campaign, the single largest source of private support for Catholic Charities. Level 4 members will also receive an invitation to one of our exclusive events.   

*The Leadership Committee meets quarterly. During these meetings, the Leadership Committee will discuss matters concerning The Alliance for Catholic Charities group as a whole, vote on governance issues, and provide updates regarding upcoming events and service activities. These meetings are generally in the evenings at a centrally located meeting space.

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