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Immigration Legal Services at the Esperanza Center

Attention: Immigration Legal Services has resumed consultations for new clients, by appointment only. We are continuing to serve all clients with open cases, and to recruit and train pro bono attorneys. Services are being provided at a temporary location in Baltimore City. For questions regarding immigration legal services, please call 667-600-2941 and follow the menu prompts to leave a voicemail.


Immigration Legal Services was founded in 1994 to provide low-cost legal counseling and representation in humanitarian and family-based immigration matters. As one of the largest non-profit immigration legal services providers in the state, we serve individuals from over 150 different countries who reside in Maryland or have immigration cases in Maryland. We assist clients and their family members seeking to obtain, extend, or retain lawful immigration status or citizenship in the United States.

To read about the Archdiocese statements on recent immigration changes, click here.

Immigration Legal Services:

Click here to learn more about our available training to volunteers interested in learning how to successfully represent families and individuals seeking asylum and other forms of relief in the U.S.

We provide affordable and pro bono legal counseling and representation in a wide-range of immigration matters including:

  • Immigration consultations
  • Family-based petitions
  • Adjustment of status
  • Trafficking, crime victim, and domestic violence-based immigration applications
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) applications and renewals
  • Immigrant visa processing
  • Applications for Citizenship
  • Inadmissibility waiver applications
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • NACARA (Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act)
  • Removal defense (Defense against deportation)
  • Asylum, withholding of removal and relief under the Convention Against Torture

*Please note: ILS has resumed new immigration consults by appointment only*

Click here for ILS menu of services. Our office provides immigration consultations to all Maryland residents. During the consultation, the attorney or accredited representative will discuss your immigration options. Any government or office fees related to application filings will be discussed during the consultation.  Participating in a consultation does not guarantee we can take your case.  Please call 667-600-2941 and follow the prompts to leave a voicemail for the type of consult you desire.  The consultation fee is $100 money order.  No cash, credit card, or personal checks accepted.  If you are unable to pay the consultation fee, fee waivers are available on a limited basis. Click here for the Consultation Fee Waiver Request Form Please submit fee waiver by mail to: ILS, ATTN: Fee Waiver Request; 430 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231.

  • For survivors of crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking: Please call to schedule a free consultation. Bring a copy of your police report, if any. Click here for ILS menu of services.
  • For those interested in Naturalization or Citizenship: click here.
  • For those needing a consultation as an asylee or refugee interested in applying for your green card: click here.
  • Former clients: To request ILS representation for a new service, you must attend a new consultation.

Check back soon to donate directly to ILS. Thank you.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore Immigration Legal Services would appreciate any recent editions of books/materials for our modest law library. As you plan for your annual law library updates, please consider donating the outgoing/older editions to us. These materials would be very much appreciated in our work and would make helpful additions to our library. Please mail to 430 S. Broadway, 3rd floor, Baltimore, MD 21231.

Generous support for the Immigration Legal Services Program is provided by:

Immigration Legal Services is a member organization of CLINIC, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.

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