Esperanza Center Human Trafficking Victim Services

ATTENTION: The Esperanza Center on S. Broadway is temporarily closed due to a fire in a nearby building. We are providing services at St. Patrick’s Assisi House at 1728 Bank St. Please call 667-600-2900 for additional information.

ATENCIÓN: El Centro Esperanza en S. Broadway está temporalmente cerrado debido a un incendio en un edificio cercano. Estamos brindando servicios en St. Patrick’s Assisi House en 1728 Bank St. Llame al 667-600-2900 para obtener información adicional.

Anti-Human Trafficking Program

The Esperanza Center offers case management and support services to immigrant victims of labor and sex trafficking in a safe, secure and confidential environment. With funding support from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and in partnership with other service providers, Esperanza staff offer trafficking victims assistance with finding secure housing, food, health and dental care, access to legal services and support needed to build a new life, free from the threat and bondage of a trafficker.

Anti-Human Trafficking Services:

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