Give the gift of healing this Christmas
to a child or family in need.

Read about all the different ways in which you can help. Scroll down for an overview.

Sponsor a child

Every year, people like you help make sure that the child welfare and mental health programs of Catholic Charities of Baltimore have resources to enhance our mission by providing:

  • Christmas and birthday presents for children at St. Vincent’s Villa.
  • therapy supplies that help a child further their healing from trauma.
  • gift cards to support families in need and activities for children that help sustain their treatment.
  • and more!

Sponsor a family

An important part of sustaining a child’s healing for the long term is involving their caregivers in the treatment process – parents, grandparents, foster parents, or other kin. To that end, we provide family therapy, advice, training, and support groups. However, many of our families struggle financially, and so your sponsorship can help them build a more stable home life and give them the extra resources needed to participate in treatment, getting them out of survival-only-mode. 

Help build resilience – Meet a need to stabilize a family

Read how your gift card donation can make a difference in the stories below.

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Safe Streets Violence Prevention

In our last fiscal year, Catholic Charities’ Safe Streets post in Sandtown-Winchester conducted 543 mediations to successfully thwart gun violence. This year, we are hoping to expand to two more locations. Research has shown that Safe Streets’ approach to interrupting violence is one of the most effective ways of preventing shootings and homicides, as well as changing attitudes toward violence.

In July, Catholic Charities opened its second Safe Streets post in Brooklyn-Curtis Bay. Your gifts of basic necessities, toys, bicycles, and gift cards allow our Safe Streets team to do more effective community outreach, helping to normalize their message in West and South Baltimore and mentor youth. Bikes and toys provide incentives for youth to engage in community clean-ups and essay contests. Gift cards provide opportunities for our team to intervene and help stabilize a family in need, as well as do outings and cookouts with youth.


Effective violence prevention

“Safe Streets Baltimore is an evidence-based, public health program to reduce gun violence among youth ages 14 to 24. It is modeled after Chicago’s CeaseFire program and employs outreach professionals to deescalate and mediate disputes that might otherwise result in serious violence. Staff serves as positive role models and direct youth toward services and opportunities to live productive, violence-free lives. In addition, staff work to mobilize neighborhoods to promote nonviolence.”