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Important Notice:

All visitors to the International adoption office are now suspended.

Adoption & International Adoption

We can assist you in choosing the best adoption plan for your family, educating yourself about life-long adoption issues, completing the home study process, communicating with foreign adoption agencies and managing the waiting time through our supportive services.

We no longer provide placement services in domestic adoption.

Contact us at 667-600-2411 or by
email at

Adoption Services

The experienced adoption professionals at Catholic Charities provide extensive support and guidance through all phases of the adoption process. 667-600-2411 . LEARN MORE>>

Catholic Charities no longer provides domestic adoption services.

To learn more about the variety of services available for all those in the adoption circle – birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted persons – contact our Post-Adoption Resource Coordinator at 667-600-2415 or by email at

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Adoption & International Adoption at a Glance

We assisted 75 families with international adoptions in FY 2016.
We assisted 244 families with pregnancy, parenting and post-adoption services in FY 2016.

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