Weinberg Housing and Resource Center
620 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Weinberg Housing and Resource Center

The Weinberg Housing and Resource Center (WHRC) is a low barrier emergency shelter that provides homeless services to over 275 adult men and women each night in the City of Baltimore. Our services include shelter, convalescent care, breakfast and dinner, showers, laundry, case management and a variety of life skills and empowerment classes -- with a focused goal on assisting residents in obtaining permanent housing.

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This Christmas, the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center hopes to provide a Christmas gift to every resident at our shelter. Many of these individuals are separated from family and friends, and they may not receive anything for Christmas otherwise. We aim to collect at least 275 presents for our residents this Christmas season. Santa will deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve, after a special dinner served restaurant-style to all residents.

Will you join us?

You can adopt a resident as an individual or get together with you family, friends, co-workers, church, team or school!

To sign up, fill out the Adopt-a-Resident form, by emailing the volunteer manager, or calling 443-573-1506.

Catholic Charities shares Baltimore City's vision of making homelessness in Baltimore rare and brief through the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center (WHRC). This low-barrier shelter houses 275 residents, providing each resident with case management, workshops and resource referrals, breakfast and dinner (lunch is served at Our Daily Bread, across the street), and a caring staff committed to the Catholic Charities mission of "Love in Action."

The Center also houses a convalescent center operated by Healthcare for the Homeless. In this special unit on the third floor, people without homes who have just been released from the hospital can find a place to recuperate under medical supervision. 

  • The WHRC is Baltimore City’s largest overnight shelter, housing 175 men, 75 women, and 25 individuals in the convalescent care dorm.
  • We are open 24/7 – we never close for holidays, bad weather, etc.
  • Catholic Charities has been operating the WHRC since July 1, 2013. WHRC is one of Catholic Charities’ 83 programs in the state of Maryland.
  • On any night, there are 100-200 people who do not have a bed here. These “guests,” as we refer to them, may choose to be added to the waitlist, but the wait-list for a bed could be a few weeks. In the meantime, guests may arrive at WHRC starting at 4pm to take shuttles to “overflow shelters” in the city. Unfortunately, by the time most of those residents arrive at the overflow shelters, they have missed the dinner shift. Therefore, WHRC makes it a priority to serve food to them before they leave – at the minimum, a sandwich, though ideally a full bag dinner.
  • The building was built with a capacity based on the 2009 Homeless Census. As you can see, the issue of homelessness is still on the rise, since many guests are on the wait-list at any time for a bed.
  • Our mission is, “Inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve, and teach, Catholic Charities provides care and services to improve the lives of Marylanders in need.” We at WHRC also value dignity, aiming to provide it in as many ways as possible to our residents, guests, volunteers, visitors and staff, through ‘love in action.’

Who We Serve

    The Center houses 275 beautiful residents. These people are generally kind, caring individuals, grateful for the services provided at WHRC. Some of these clients may be:

    • Employed with low-income jobs
    • Affected by substance abuse    
    • Veterans
    • From the LGBTQ community
    • Suffering from a mental or physical disability

    Read more about the WHRC here.


    Our Stories

    Weinberg Housing and Resource Center Addresses Needs of the Homeless A Case Manager at the WHRC tells the story of how she helped a homeless man find his family.


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