St. Vincent's Villa

2600 Pot Spring Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093


St. Vincent's Villa

St. Vincent’s Villa offers residential treatment and diagnostic facilities for children with significant emotional and behavioral challenges.

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St. Vincent's Villa Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Located in Timonium and formerly known as Villa Maria - provides comprehensive therapeutic services to children whose behavioral and emotional needs have not responded to interventions and services provided at home or in the community. A comprehensive plan for therapeutic services is developed based on a thorough assessment of each child and in partnership with the family.

St. Vincent's Villa Diagnostic and Evaluation and Treatment Program

Formerly known as St. Vincent's Center - provides an intensive residential diagnostic and stabilization program at its Pot Spring campus. Through this program, children with significant behavioral and emotional needs receive a comprehensive evaluation, in partnership with the family, to determine a course of treatment to address the child's needs. This may include placement with the family with a plan for out-patient services, referral for therapeutic foster care or group home, or referral for more intensive residential treatment. Services in both residential programs include:

  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Case management
  • Psychological testing
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • Medication management
  • On-site nursing and routine health care
  • Therapeutic recreation programming
  • On-site special education schools 
  • Behavioral support and management
  • Parent education
  • Family support groups
  • Family resources
  • Spiritual and moral development 
  • Volunteer services including a mentoring program

Full family participation is vital in both programs. Both of these programs admit boys and girls, ages 5-13, and serve children from all over the State.

The RTC is licensed by the State of Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The diagnostic program is licensed by the State of Maryland's Department of Human Resources. Both programs are accredited by the Joint commission and the Council on Accreditation.

Our Stories

“They just need someone who will give them special attention” “I just hope they realize one day that someone cared,” Janice Grabowski answered when asked what motivates her to volunteer at St. Vincent’s Villa.


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Title: Night Child Care Worker

Posted: 04/25/16, Program: St. Vincent's Villa