Sarah's House - Emergency & Transitional Housing

2015 20th Street
Fort Meade, MD 20755


Make a Difference: Volunteer at Sarah's House

Employees of Deloitte and Touche built a beautiful picnic area for the residents of Sarah's House during their annual Impact Day.

It is through the support and generosity of our neighbors that Sarah’s House has been a source of assistance and hope since 1987.

As Anne Arundel County’s largest supportive housing provider, we assist homeless families through the provision of case management, transportation, employment services, and child care programs. We serve approximately 125 guests, half of whom are children, each day.

The goal of these and all our services is to maintain the family unit and promote their ability to complete together the journey to independence. In the spirit of the biblical figure of Sarah, we welcome with hospitality those who come to us, and try to offer all of our guests a sense of hope in the face of homelessness.

Last year our volunteers generously gave more than 25,000 hours of volunteer service to Sarah’s House. In today’s busy world we are grateful to our dedicated volunteers who lend us their greatest gifts of time, talent and resources to help us serve the homeless men, women and children of Sarah’s House. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, businesses and groups of all faiths and ages. We work with volunteers to find opportunities that match your skills, talents and interests.

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Explore the various ways you make a difference in someone’s life and perhaps even your own.

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Title: Meal Service/Preparation - Sarah's House
Location: Sarah's House - Emergency & Transitional Housing
Type of volunteer needed: Students, Individuals, Holidays, Groups/Corporate Groups

Title: Host - Evening Event with Children
Location: Sarah's House - Emergency & Transitional Housing
Type of volunteer needed: Students, Families, Individuals, Holidays, Groups/Corporate Groups