Parish Social Ministry
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Programs for Parishes

Looking for ways to GROW your social justice ministry? For opportunities for retreat days? Educational sessions on social justice? Advocacy? We’re here to help! We are happy to discuss with you your parish’s needs and possibilities. We can consult with the pastor and staff, appropriate committee members, and/or the pastoral council. These conversations may result in a program(s) offered in the parish that meets the particular needs of your social ministry.

We encourage parishes to develop their social ministry to include both charity and justice rooted and grounded in the spiritual growth and development of their members. We offer workshops, retreat days and educational sessions on a wide variety of social concerns topics for adults, young adults and youth. Whether “ready-made or tailor-made” we can design them to fit your parish.


These are examples of programs we have and do offer. The available topics are not limited to just this list.

Just Neighbors
Communities of Salt and Light
"When Did We See You?"
Reality: More than a Show
Faith Formation Offerings
Archdiocesan Social Ministry Convocation

 Just Neighbors

Put a human face on poverty and Catholic Social Teaching! Just Neighbors is a flexible, interactive, multi-media program to:

  • Educate your parish about poverty
  • Inspire service for neighbors in need
  • Empower advocacy for change

"Just Neighbors focuses particpants' gaze on poverty through the lens of faith, Scripture, and Catholic social teaching to see as an affront to God's children, our brothers and sisters."
~Rev. Larry Snyder, President
Catholic Charities USA

Learn more at

Order through our Catholic Charities office for a discounted price; Maryland-specific materials; opportunities to visit Catholic Charities programs and/or have a speaker for a specific session; assistance in planning.

Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish

Programs range from one session to a four-part series to an eight-week course on vision and foundations for social ministry. The specific program is designed with your input to best meet the needs of your parish. Sessions consider:

• the essential role of social ministry to the life of the parish
• its foundation in prayer and education
• its components, ranging from direct service through legislative advocacy, local community building, and solidarity with all God’s people

"When Did We See You?"

A day-long session, or three evening sessions, centered on an experience of talking with real people facing real issues around poverty and/or disabilities.

Reality: More than a Show

A single session that offers an introduction to "real people" who have been made poor and offers opportunity to broaden our understanding of faith in action by following Jesus.

Faith Formation Offerings

Faith Formation offerings are reflective programs for parish committees or staff that focus on renewal for social justice work, education on Catholic Social Teaching and scripture, or a variety of related topics, such as:

  • “The Heart of Catholic Social Teaching”: grounded in Scripture and prayer, listen for the voice of the Spirit in our daily lives, our communities, our world
  • “The Beatitudes: Jesus’ Way for Whole and Holy Living”: for us and our world
  • “The Works of Mercy”: Did you ever think of “mercy” as willingness to enter into the chaos of another? Did you ever think about encountering Christ in the process?
  • “Widening Circles of Prayer”: using the ancient Christian practice of lectio divina plus current realities to go more deeply into God and into the world of our incarnate God
  • “God’s Dream for Our World”: glimpsed through the Scripture of the current liturgical season
  • "No One Can Do Everything; Everyone Can Do Something”: discerning the lead of the Spirit in response to the multiple cries for justice (for a group of individuals or a committee, staff, council, etc.)
  • “In the Potter’s Hands”: Explore the ways we are held in God’s hands and ways we can re-energize our faith. Spend time in silence, individual and communal prayer, scripture study, and faith sharing.

Archdiocesan Social Ministry Convocation

The Annual Archdiocesan Social Ministry Convocation is held on the first Saturday of March. Designed around a social justice theme, the convocation provides an opportunity to learn about the Church’s commitment to social justice, reflect on issues of concern locally and globally, and network with others doing this vital work in the Archdiocese.