Christopher Place Employment Academy

725 Fallsway
Baltimore, MD 21202

To find out more or to apply, call 443.986.9000 or come to ODBEC Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Christopher Place Employment Academy

Christopher Place Employment Academy is an intensive residential program that provides education and training, as well as recovery support to formerly homeless men of the Baltimore area.

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Christopher Place Employment Academy is a residential employment program for formerly homeless men. During the first three months of their stay, the men formally commit to a minimum of six months in residency to acquire the necessary skills and financial standing to be successful in the community. The commitment is designed to support these men in the transition from a lifestyle of homelessness and substance abuse or dependency to a positive routine in training towards future employment and stable living.

Participants receive training in life skills, behavioral modification, reading and math skills, GED preparation, addiction recovery, computers, healthy relationships, parenting, leadership, occupation researching skills, and career development training.

Once a participant demonstrates mastery of the skills taught in the academy and completes all required tasks he begins the job search where he puts his new skills to practical use. During the job search portion of the program the men continue to attend classes and perform community service as determined by the retention counselors. Christopher Place men are introduced to various employers through job fairs, internet programs, and other employment services. In many instances the academy is able to identify specific potential employers for successful placement for participants in full-time jobs with full benefits.

While employed, sobriety support, career counseling, team-building activities and the availability of other support systems continue. Financial responsibility is emphasized and long- term career and housing plans are developed. The participants then begin their transition to stable housing. Financial responsibility is expected and residents are required to save 90 percent of all their income while in residency.

Program graduates are part of an ongoing system of outreach, counseling, mentoring, and employment support. They are encouraged to retain jobs, participate in retention activities, and continue employment planning toward career advancement. Special programs are available to graduates including vehicle ownership programs, savings programs, and other donor/volunteer sponsored programs. Graduates of the program support and assist new participants in their transition.

Completion of the Christopher Place Employment Academy Program is the beginning of a lifetime of positive change.

Who We Help 

Strong motivation and a long-term commitment to succeed are required. CPEA is for men only because this is a residential program. Please visit the Our Daily Bread Employment Center for more information if you are interested in enrolling, or come join us at the Center for the daily meal, served every day (beginning at 11:30 am), without a single interruption, since 1981, to learn more.

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