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A More Loving and Just Society
>August 14, 2017

It Takes a Community
>July 26, 2017

“You want to make some type of mark in this world”
>December 15, 2016
For Karen Bender, volunteer service and career occupy parallel tracks; she works as both an occupational therapist at a hospital in Harford County and also as a substitute teacher at the Children’s Christian Center in Bel Air. Karen also spends much of her free time volunteering with the children at Catholic Charities’ Anna’s House in Bel Air.

Eulogy for Adan Guevara
>October 5, 2016

“I ain’t ever lived a year better spent in love” (Mumford and Sons)
>July 22, 2016

Reflections on the Past Year
>July 20, 2016

Making Summer Memories
>July 19, 2016

What Project SERVE means to me
>July 13, 2016

Learning to appreciate the present
>June 15, 2016

35 Years of Service at Our Daily Bread
>June 1, 2016

Thankful For These Past Two Years
>May 24, 2016

Community Night Fun!
>May 17, 2016

Enforcing Compliance vs. Eliciting Cooperation
>April 29, 2016

Ceremony Honors Volunteers
>April 21, 2016

Students Provide Much Needed Service
>April 21, 2016

Catholic Charities in West Baltimore
>April 21, 2016

When you Give With Your Heart
>April 19, 2016

The Internet, Social Media and TFC Youth
>April 12, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 1990: Reducing Poverty
>April 8, 2016

Lying and Dishonesty
>April 7, 2016

The History of Our Daily Bread
>April 7, 2016
In June, 2016, Our Daily Bread commemorates 35 years of continuous service, providing more than 7 million hot meals to the hungry in Baltimore.

Share Your Memories
>April 5, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 2016: Preparing to do more
>April 4, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 2007: Expanding our services
>April 4, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 2006: Continuing our mission
>April 4, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 1995: Serving Pope Saint John Paul II
>April 4, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 1981: Feeding the Hungry
>April 4, 2016

Our Daily Bread in 1979: Making plans to help
>April 4, 2016

No Time like the Present
>April 1, 2016

"That year taught me what I was truly capable of"
>March 29, 2016

Food Is Love
>March 29, 2016

Helping Villa Maria students enjoy new experiences
>March 28, 2016

Mayor Kicks Off Safe Streets Program in Sandtown-Winchester
>March 19, 2016

The History of Our Daily Bread
>March 15, 2016
In June, 2016, Our Daily Bread commemorates 35 years of continuous service, providing more than 7 million hot meals to the hungry in Baltimore.

“We’re put on this earth to do something”
>March 14, 2016
Service is core to Cris Marchiori – service to his country and service to those in need. A first-generation Italian American, Cris decided to give back to his country by joining the armed forces.

Day to Day Life at WHRC
>March 4, 2016

"The Esperanza Center changed my life"
>February 26, 2016
Ana Herrera, a client of the Esperanza Center, was invited to speak to the parishioners of St. Joseph Church in Buckeystown, MD on February 14. She described growing up amid poverty, violence and desperation after being abandoned as an infant.

Introducing Jason Collender and the "Family Ties" blog
>February 26, 2016

Acts of Love and Kindness
>February 17, 2016

“The reason I’m here is to share the gifts that God has given me”
>February 12, 2016
It’s hard to match Anne Shelton’s tenure as a volunteer; she’s been a part of the Catholic Charities family for almost 35 years.

Insights Gathered During the Blizzard of 2016
>February 10, 2016

The Cold Never Bothered us Anyway
>February 3, 2016

Our Daily Bread: A Thirty-Five Year Story
>February 1, 2016

Coping with the Loss of a Colleague
>January 28, 2016

“I see myself in the people who live here”
>January 20, 2016
While coping with the loss of his mother in 2014, Jim Jeppi sought to fill, in part, the void he felt by looking for ways to continue helping older adults.

A New Year
>January 4, 2016

Christmas in Baltimore
>December 21, 2015

“They just need someone who will give them special attention”
>December 14, 2015
“I just hope they realize one day that someone cared,” Janice Grabowski answered when asked what motivates her to volunteer at St. Vincent’s Villa.

The Magic of a Sweet Potato Pie
>December 8, 2015

CPEA Graduation
>December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving at Villa Maria School
>December 1, 2015

“You Put All Your Efforts into Getting My Life Back for Me”
>December 1, 2015

Sharing Joy, and Music, at Gallagher Services
>November 13, 2015
“When my wife and I first got married, we started looking for a place to serve, and that led us to Catholic Charities,” said Jeff Weber, a long-time volunteer at Gallagher Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Project SERVE Fall Retreat
>November 6, 2015

BFG Community Foundation Helps Head Start
>November 6, 2015

"You never know what lesson you may learn"
>October 22, 2015

“I’ve never been called a rock star before”
>October 6, 2015
A couple of years ago, attorney Wade Wilson decided to share his talents by doing pro bono legal work. What he didn’t know at the time is that he’d end up doing his volunteer work at the Esperanza Center.

The Importance of the Family Dinner Table
>October 6, 2015

Pope Francis' Address to Clients of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington
>October 1, 2015

Pope Francis' Address to a Joint Meeting of Congress
>September 29, 2015

Bill McCarthy Remembers Monsignor Art Valenzano
>September 22, 2015

Meet Riva Ham: Experiencing God's Divine Plan
>September 18, 2015

"Go Make a Difference!"
>September 16, 2015
"Much has been given, much needs to be returned," Mike Buckley explained when asked why he and his wife Jeannette Suflita spend every Wednesday doing volunteer work at Our Daily Bread Employment Center. "Service is enriching. We're enriched too."

Meet Caitlin Balicki
>September 15, 2015

Meet Gina Fleck: A Girl that Only Just now Realized the Extent to which God is a Foreshadowing Ninja
>September 9, 2015

Back for a Second Year in Project SERVE
>September 8, 2015

Catholic Charities Develops Community Leaders with Head Start Male Involvement Program
>August 10, 2015

Students from Monsignor Slade Catholic School Brighten Up Friendship Station
>August 10, 2015

Martin Can Hear!
>August 10, 2015

Nancy Mosca - nurturing a sense of community
>August 10, 2015

Residents are building healthier communities, and nurturing a spirit of purpose, wellness and harmony
>August 10, 2015

Lincoln Resolves Past Issues
>August 10, 2015

Stanley Learns Patience, Sets Goals
>August 10, 2015

How to Manage a Successful Casserole Program
>August 10, 2015

Justin Challenges Us to Rekindle the Flame
>August 10, 2015

The Power of One
>August 10, 2015

Kitchen Internship Program is a key to a future of independence
>August 10, 2015

MSPWC Clients Learn the Value of a Firm Handshake
>August 10, 2015

Ms. Jerrie Celebrates 5 Years with MSPWC
>August 10, 2015

Client Becomes Volunteer and Moves into Permanent Home
>August 10, 2015

Lodge Client Reaches Her Goals
>August 10, 2015

Scott Grimshaw Helps Sarah’s House Guests Learn to Shine
>August 10, 2015

Sammy Advances to an Independent Life
>August 10, 2015

Summer Camp at Sarah's House is in Full Swing
>August 10, 2015

Deja's Extra Efforts Pay Off
>August 10, 2015

Reflections on my year at Catholic Charities
>June 30, 2015

The Year in Moments
>May 21, 2015

A Reflection on My Year with Project SERVE
>May 14, 2015

Our City
>May 1, 2015

It's About the People We Serve
>April 13, 2015

Grateful To Be Able to Serve
>April 7, 2015

Jenkins Senior Living Campus Highlights
>April 6, 2015

Our Mission to Serve
>April 2, 2015

Pre-Vocational Center Celebrates 25 Years
>March 20, 2015

Working at My Sister's Place Women's Center
>March 16, 2015

2015 Ed Block Courage Awards
>March 16, 2015

Volunteers Are Happy to Help the Homeless
>March 12, 2015

Growing Professionally, and Personally
>March 2, 2015

Why Sarah's House Is So Special
>February 24, 2015

Conversations on Community Night
>February 18, 2015

At CPEA, Alan Learns to Have a Normal Life
>February 12, 2015

Learning a valuable lesson by riding the subway
>February 6, 2015

Learning a valuable lesson by riding the subway
>February 6, 2015

Teaching Pre-Vocational at Villa Maria School
>January 20, 2015

Preparing for Christmas
>December 3, 2014

New Project SERVE Volunteers Commissioned
>November 24, 2014

Love and Heartbreak
>November 17, 2014

A Day in the Life
>November 4, 2014

Looking into the Past and Seeing the Future
>October 21, 2014

Meet Nyerre Osiomwan
>October 3, 2014

Reception at Saint John Neumann Church
>October 2, 2014

"The Year of Firsts"
>October 1, 2014

Meet Cameron Goodman
>September 29, 2014

Meet Daisy Gabriel
>September 26, 2014

Grateful for the Opportunity to Serve
>September 22, 2014

Meet Corey Bilodeau
>September 22, 2014

Meet Giovanna Haider
>September 22, 2014

Introducing Maggie Shelledy
>September 19, 2014

Introducing the 2014-2015 Project SERVE blog
>September 9, 2014

Every person has an inherent dignity
>September 8, 2014

Dr. Sam Ross Shares Inspiring Stories of Leadership
>August 8, 2014

Living Our Values: Peace
>June 18, 2014

The Volunteer Experience
>April 9, 2014

Lessons get back on track as Winter comes to an end
>April 1, 2014

Maria Learns About Working at School
>March 21, 2014

James O'Reilly presents a Benefit Concert
>March 13, 2014
James O'Reilly, a seminarian at St. Mary's, is organizing a benefit concert for Catholic Charities.

Meet Maria Williams, PSERVE Volunteer
>March 11, 2014

Meet Maria Williams, PSERVE Volunteer
>March 11, 2014

The Cherry Hill Community Garden
>March 7, 2014

Josh has run 500 miles
>February 28, 2014

ODB Serves Hot Meals on a Snowy Day
>February 27, 2014

Working with Volunteers for ODBEC
>February 10, 2014

Reflections on Mission Awareness Month
>January 31, 2014

Reflections on Our Missions: Unconditional Love
>January 30, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Catholic Charities Opened My Eyes
>January 30, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: I am Proud to Work Here
>January 30, 2014

Meet Matt Cheng, PSERVE Volunteer
>January 29, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: What Are Blessings?
>January 28, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Giving
>January 28, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Listen to Your Heart
>January 27, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: The Value of Love
>January 24, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: When You Give of Yourself
>January 22, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission
>January 22, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Love is a simple but powerful word
>January 21, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Encouraging Each Other
>January 21, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Poverty is an accident of birth
>January 21, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Friendship Has No Boundries
>January 16, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Supporting Children
>January 15, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Am I Cherishing the Divine Within All?
>January 14, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Believe
>January 13, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: I See Love
>January 10, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Living Beyond My Experience
>January 9, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: My Career in Human Services
>January 8, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: Recognizing Love
>January 7, 2014

Reflections on Our Mission: The Meaning of Love
>January 6, 2014

Sarah's House had a busy Christmas
>January 3, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Donor Services
>December 27, 2013

Living Our Values: The Gift of Hope
>December 27, 2013

Introducing Marta Brohawn
>December 12, 2013

Catholic Charities receives Baltimore Sun 2013 Top Workplace honor
>December 9, 2013

Blackwater Falls Retreat
>November 22, 2013

>November 19, 2013

Bill McCarthy Honors Long-Time Employees
>November 19, 2013

A Legacy Worth Celebrating
>November 15, 2013

Kevin O'Keefe
>November 15, 2013

Tennese Bryant
>November 15, 2013

Meet Project SERVE Volunteer, Arthur
>October 24, 2013

Weinberg Housing and Resource Center Addresses Needs of the Homeless
>September 18, 2013
A Case Manager at the WHRC tells the story of how she helped a homeless man find his family.

Shout-out to ILS' Pro Bono Attorneys!
>August 28, 2013
Esperanza Center is grateful to the attorneys that have volunteered their time to take on clients, pro bono, in addition to their own caseloads. Thanks for all you do!

Girl Scout Creates Peace Garden for the Residents of Abingdon Senior Housing
>August 8, 2013

Lodge resident lands new jobs with help from job readiness training
>July 10, 2013
My Sister’s Place Lodge resident Carol Spark was staying at a shelter when she learned about the My Sister’s Place Lodge and she knew right away it was the right program for her. Carol is now looking forward to moving into permanent housing as soon as she completes the Lodge program.

New videos focus on the mission, identity and breadth of Catholic Charities
>June 26, 2013

The Anna's House Memorial Garden Blooms with Memories of Kay and Meagan Glancy
>June 20, 2013

The Work of the Good Samaritan Continues
>June 20, 2013

Susan Kaiser Shares Memories from St. Ann's Adult Day Program
>June 20, 2013

Diligence Pays Off
>June 13, 2013

Celebrating Our Heritage
>April 30, 2013

2013 Project Serve Reunion Weekend
>April 30, 2013

Our Employees Love to Volunteer
>April 30, 2013

Tyra Gay
>April 30, 2013

Mary Moves from Underemployment to Financial Stability
>March 5, 2013
Mary is a Sarah’s House client whom we are continuing to help on her life’s journey to self-sufficiency and financial stability

Debbie Miller Shares her Memories
>February 27, 2013

Remembering Timothy
>February 27, 2013

St. Vincent’s Villa Heritage Day – March 15th
>February 15, 2013

Food for Life
>January 3, 2013
The Christopher Place program prepares its graduates to return to stable, productive, independent lives. This includes being able to cook for themselves and look after their health, so the curriculum includes the Food for Life program.

An inspired CP graduate will become a social worker
>January 3, 2013
This is the story of how Alvin went from a life of drugs and crime to become a graduate of Christopher Place Employment Academy and then on to become a social worker to help others like himself.

Caring for One Another
>December 21, 2012

Alvin Davis' Remarks at the Leadership Breakfast
>December 3, 2012

Jermin Laviera's story on WYPR
>October 25, 2012
“The Lines Between Us” is a thought-provoking series that airs each Friday on WYPR. On October 17, we heard the story of Jermin Laviera, an immigrant from Guatemala who came to Baltimore in 1987. Jermin learned English in classes at Catholic Charities’ Esperanza Center (then known as the Hispanic Apostolate), and 25 years later she is still an employee there.

Villa Maria offers Exceptional Services for Exceptional Students
>September 28, 2012
Published by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

Family nurse practitioners revitalize the Esperanza Center Health Services Center
>September 20, 2012

The Constellation / MSPWC Dragon Boat Team is Ready to Run
>September 4, 2012

My Sister's Place Lodge was there for me...
>September 4, 2012

My Sister's Place Exceeded our Expectations
>September 4, 2012

Gallagher Services Horticultural Therapy Program Participants Learn the Joys of Gardening
>September 4, 2012

Bank of America Partners with Christopher Place for the 2012 Dragon Boat Races
>September 4, 2012

Erickson Living Partners with St. Ann Adult Day Services
>September 4, 2012

DAP Helps the Esperanza Center
>September 4, 2012

Thinking of Adopting? Start Planning for Summer 2013
>September 4, 2012

Meet our cohort of Project SERVE volunteers for 2012 – 2013
>September 4, 2012

Anna’s House Creates Partnerships with People of Different Abilities
>July 25, 2012
Partnering with People of Different Abilities

Connecting Through Sports
>July 24, 2012
Anna's Guy Sean mentors children through soccer.

Hearts and Hammers
>July 24, 2012
A cooperative ministry of skilled volunteers providing home maintenance.

Colleagues Make Tribute to Mr. Robert F. Gore
>July 2, 2012

Sharp Rise in Food Needs
>June 21, 2012

Sailors Visiting Baltimore for "Sailabration" Stop by ODBEC to Serve Breakfast, Lunch
>June 15, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 Celebration at Fatima I and II
>June 8, 2012

Honoring Ray Wright
>May 25, 2012

Public Comment Opportunity
>May 25, 2012

Stories from Staff
>May 24, 2012

2012 Catholic Charities Annual Dinner honors exemplary service of volunteers and employee
>April 20, 2012

Helping Families Stay Together
>March 29, 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Bloom struggled to keep the older home where their four children had grown up. Unable to pay for the major repairs needed it was deemed uninhabitable and they were forced to leave. The family was required to split up and live in separate homeless shelters until they were referred to Sarah's House. See how Catholic Charities reunited the Bloom Family and helped them get the support they need.

Moving Forward and Up
>March 6, 2012
Antonio Hammond complete his Capstone event to become "job ready" and enters a six-month program that prepares individuals to work as laboratory associates in various fields.

To Teach
>February 9, 2012

Working for Justice
>February 9, 2012

Bobbi Tayman, Caritas House
>January 10, 2012

Glenn Simpkins, St. Vincent's Villa
>January 10, 2012

Jermin Laviera, the Esperanza Center
>January 10, 2012

John Bell, Our Daily Bread
>January 10, 2012

Tammy Vincent, Accounting
>January 10, 2012

Kathleen Shares Her Journey at the 2011 Leadership Breakfast
>December 9, 2011
2011 Leadership Breakfast Speaker- Kathleen Kirkpatric

2011 Women’s Leadership Council Breakfast
>December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Children at St. Vincent’s Villa
>November 17, 2011

Catholic Charities' Clients Share Why They are Thankful
>November 17, 2011
Clients of Catholic Charities share some of the things they are particularly thankful for during this season of thanks.

E-Structors offers skills in green jobs for clients of ODBEC
>November 14, 2011
In a downsized marketplace, E-Structors recycling center has emerged as a viable employment resource for Our Daily Bread Employment Center. Since November 2010, the company that recycles electronics and destroys paper documents has hired 38 people who were referred by the ODBEC's Employment Services.

The Corrieres Find Creative Ways to Support Our Daily Bread
>October 31, 2011

Seniors at St. Luke’s Place Are Ready to Roll
>October 13, 2011

Management Makes a Difference to Everyone
>October 13, 2011

Job Readiness program gives participants a competitive edge
>September 12, 2011

ODB Receives a Sweet Donation from Domino
>September 1, 2011

One Million Americans Are Expected to Volunteer on the National Day of Service and Remembrance
>August 31, 2011

Tea is Back at ODB, Thanks to McCormick & Co.
>August 25, 2011

Building Community at Our Lady of Fatima I & II
>August 3, 2011

Living the Good Life at Everall Gardens
>August 3, 2011

Middle School Campers and Seniors Connect at Catholic Charities Senior Housing
>August 3, 2011

2010 – 2011 Was a Year of Growth for My Sister's Place Women's Center
>August 3, 2011

Old Friends Reunite at Our Daily Bread to mark the 30th Anniversary of Serving the Hungry
>August 3, 2011

My Sister's Place Women's Center Job Fair
>July 26, 2011
My Sister's Place Women's Center had a very successful first Job Fair with over 55 ladies from various Catholic Charities programs attending and seven different companies participating.

The Volunteers of St. Peter's
>July 26, 2011
Four ladies from St. Peter's Adult Learning Center all love the opportunity to help others by spending time volunteering at My Sister’s Place and how the staff and clients make them “feel appreciated and that their volunteering matters.”

A Very Brave Step Forward
>July 21, 2011
Through the help and support of Our Daily Bread Employment Center Yvette took some of her first steps toward rebuilding her life.

Catholic Charities Awarded Final Funding for its 23rd Senior Housing Community
>July 13, 2011

Faces, not Numbers: We Change Lives, One Person at a Time
>June 22, 2011
Catholic Charities is experiencing a significant increase in the demand for services and assistance. But through this rise, we continue to uphold the core mission to love, serve, and teach Marylander's in need. This goes beyond just our numbers and reaches out to the individuals that we work with daily to serve with dignity and respect.

Young at Heart
>June 16, 2011
Nearly 100 seniors from the Jenkins Senior Living Community celebrated their “Senior Prom” with fun activities including dancing and karaoke.

My Journal on a Journey to Israel
>May 25, 2011
For several years, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has brought Marylanders to visit the ancient land of Israel. In 2011, Bill McCarthy was privileged to be chosen. These are his personal reflections on his journey in Israel.

Brooks Financial Group Supports the Work of Catholic Charities
>May 19, 2011

Finding the Right Path
>May 19, 2011
From a young age, Ashleigh had struggled with her mental health wellbeing and finding the right path in life. Until she found help through My Sister's Place Lodge. See how the assistance and support of the Lodge has help Ashleigh to learn how to be self-sufficient and cherish the divine within herself.

Thank You, DAP, Inc. Volunteers!
>May 17, 2011

Learning the Skills to Find Employment
>May 17, 2011

A Passion to Serve Spawns Polo Fundraiser
>May 12, 2011
A more than 25 year veteran volunteer at Our Daily Bread, Mary Agnes Lewis wished their was more that she could do for the program she was so passionate about. From that passion the Ten Oaks Polo Cup Match benefiting Our Daily Bread was born, raising more than $250,000 for the program since its inception.

The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth Recognized for Excellence in Senior Care
>May 9, 2011

Sister Marg Honored with Distinguished Service Award
>May 5, 2011
Congratulations to Sister Margaret Giblin, SSND, who was honored at the Catholic Charities' Annual Dinner with a Distinguished Service Award. Sister Marg learned of the work at the Esperanza Center in January 2009 and has been a full-time volunteer ever since, logging more than 1,300 hours over the past 16 months.

American Dream One Step Closer
>May 5, 2011
Originally from Ecuador, Marco Ordonez-Sanchez has dreamed of becoming a United States citizen since moving to this country with his wife Maritsa and their two children more than 5 years ago. With the help of Citizenship Classes offered at the Esperanza Center Marco's dream has recently become a reality.

Bill McCarthy Encourages Reading at an Early Age
>April 27, 2011

2011 Bridesmaids' Bingo
>April 19, 2011

Collective Effort Yields Huge Results
>April 14, 2011
“When everyone comes together to do a little, it so easily turns into a lot.” This is Colin McGonigal’s approach to leading the casserole collection for Our Daily Bread at his parish, Sacred Heart, Glyndon. The parish prepares 300 casseroles a month for Our Daily Bread.

Constellation Energy Women’s Alliance Partners with My Sisters Place Women’s Shelter to Empower Women in Need
>April 14, 2011

Basilica Place Celebrates 30 Years
>April 14, 2011

Gallagher Services Finds a Friend in Maryvale
>April 14, 2011
For many years the young women at Maryvale Preparatory School have been building relationships that go beyond the classroom and their peers to include the residents of Gallagher Services. The students are discovering more about service, volunteering, and the joy that can be found in making new friends through their special relationship with Gallagher Services.

Making the Connection
>April 12, 2011
“We are all connected in this universe by God’s love and the human spirit to reach out to others,” says NyAnn Smith, a volunteer at Anna’s House. NyAnn and Anna's House resident Lora have been making a special connection as NyAnn helps Lora prepare for the GED exam.

Client Thanks Volunteers
>April 4, 2011

St. Vincent’s former adoptees lend their support to current residents
>March 23, 2011

Work 4 Success
>March 23, 2011

News Conference rallies support for suspending federal budget cuts for Head Start
>March 11, 2011

Carolyn Gutermuth, My Sister's Place Women's Center's 2011 Woman of the Year
>March 8, 2011

Hope In My Darkest Hours
>March 7, 2011

Catholic Charities Senior Housing marks 30 years of operation with continued growth
>February 24, 2011

Otis Morse: True stage presence
>February 18, 2011

ODBEC's Pat Bennett-Lynch Receives Mother Mary Lange Award
>February 17, 2011

My Sister's Place Women's Center's Robin Johnson
>February 17, 2011

Loyola University Maryland Art Student Paint Murals for St. Vincent's Villa
>February 16, 2011

The Women of Gallagher Services' White Marsh
>February 9, 2011
Living together for over twenty years at Gallagher Services' White Marsh, these women may not be related, but that doesn't make them any less than sisters.

Esperanza Center ESL Program to be Featured at National Conference
>February 3, 2011

Gallagher Services' Carol Baker
>February 3, 2011

Volunteers to the Food Rescue
>February 2, 2011
Many grocery stores are delighted to donate their surplus of unsold perishables from their bakeries, butcher departments, and produce aisles, but without the help of volunteers playfully referred to as "Food Rescuers" this priceless food will not make it to the plate.

Arbutus woman crochets 100 scarves for children
>January 31, 2011

Christmas at the Esperanza Center
>January 24, 2011

Executive Director Bill McCarthy Takes the Food Stamp Challenge
>January 24, 2011
2011 MD Food Stamp Challenge

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Answering the Call to Serve
>January 20, 2011

Ravens-Steelers Wager with Catholic Bishops Can Make Our Daily Bread the Winner
>January 13, 2011

Cindy Lutz, Assistant Director of Health Services
>January 6, 2011

Looking for affordable senior housing for a loved one?
>January 5, 2011

Head Start is a Family Affair for Ed Wilson
>January 5, 2011

When Resources Come Together
>January 5, 2011
Chronic and severe back pain led Rosaline, a young woman living in Howard County, to the emergency room. There she was referred to an orthopedic surgeon where she learned that the doctor would need to order an MRI to fully diagnosis the source of her pain.

2010 Healthcare Professionals Breakfast Raises Funds for the Esperanza Center
>December 16, 2010

EarnBenefits: Parish-based program helps families in financial crisis
>December 3, 2010

The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth
>December 3, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima II, A Catholic Charities Senior Community
>December 3, 2010

Highlighting PNC Bank
>December 3, 2010

Villa Maria Schools Employees and Students Decorate a Tree for Kennedy Krieger
>December 2, 2010

Gallagher is a Blessing
>November 28, 2010
Jeff Webber shares his esperience as a volunteer Music Minister with Gallagher Services.

Benevolent Baskets
>November 23, 2010
The Benevolent Basket program at My Sister's Place Women's Center allows women to rebuild their self-esteem and develop skills to become more self-sufficient.

Empowering Women
>November 23, 2010
Guest speaker Claudette Campbell led a special session for the Families that Work program on developing strong work ethics.

Leadership Council Campaign Breakfast
>November 23, 2010
My Sister’s Place first annual Leadership Council Campaign Breakfast summary of the event and guest speakers.

Thankfulness Abounds
>November 23, 2010
My Sister's Place clients share the things they are thankful for this holiday season.

Everybody’s Birthday Bash
>November 23, 2010
Mothers and daughters volunteer with the women's organization People Who Need People to put together a wonderful birthday celebration for the women and children at My Sister's Place.

Donna Street--My Big Sister
>November 19, 2010

Work for Success Helps Glynis Move From Client to Employee
>November 16, 2010

A Year of Living Generously
>November 8, 2010

McCormick Employees are Santa's Elves at St. Vincent's Villa
>November 3, 2010

Sarah's House Helps Kianna with a Fresh Start at age 19
>November 1, 2010

Garrison Forest Celebrates Halloween with Treats for Our Daily Bread
>October 28, 2010

Housing's Betty Heitzer
>October 25, 2010

Cooking Up a Hearty Start to the Day
>October 19, 2010
As a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator, Michele Sheldon Rubio knows how important a proper diet is to a healthy lifestyle, especially if you do not always know when your next meal may be available. Meet Michele and learn how for the past four years she has been serving up a hearty breakfast menu to the guests of Our Daily Bread.

Sarah's House Caseworker Betty Sherry
>October 6, 2010

Thank You to Our Dragon Boat Partner Programs!
>September 30, 2010
Thank you to our Dragon Boat Partner Programs, Constellation and the Office of the Mayor for your dedication in helping to provide vital services to homeless women and their children!

St. Joseph, Cockeysville Volunteers
>September 30, 2010
St. Joseph, Cockeysville Volunteer group has been volunteering every 3rd Tuesday for the lunch meal since the Women’s Center opened.

Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund Grants Stove to My Sister's Place Women's Center
>September 30, 2010

My Constant Safe Haven
>September 28, 2010
Cathy, a former client of My Sister's Place tells the story of her transition from being homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol to being independent and self sufficient through the help she received from My Sister's Place.

My Buddy and Me
>September 15, 2010

The Magic of Christmas
>September 15, 2010

Breakfast with a Smile
>September 15, 2010

Students Fill A Prescription for Service
>September 15, 2010

A Home Improvement: St. Joseph, Cockeysville
>September 15, 2010

Helping Others: A Lewis Family Tradition
>September 15, 2010

Q & A with the Catholic Charities Dragon Boat Team
>September 1, 2010

St. Vincent's Center Helps Kevin Reunite with His Family
>August 2, 2010

PNC Bank Employees Paint a Map on the Parking Lot at St. Jerome's Head Start
>July 29, 2010

Becoming Myself Again
>July 27, 2010

Mary Gets Her Own Apartment
>July 19, 2010
Ms. Mary Gets Her Own Apartment and works on her job search

We Are the Hands of Jesus
>July 15, 2010

Seizing the Opportunity
>July 15, 2010
After six months in Christopher Place Employment Academy, Stephen has gained the skills and confidence to begin his job search and continue on the path towards self-sufficiency.

Delivering Fresh Fruit and Hugs
>July 14, 2010
Lynn Wintriss, or the “Fruit Lady,” as she is endearingly referred to by many of the Christopher Place men has been a monthly staple at Christopher Place for nearly four years.

Villa Maria Children Volunteer at My Sister's Place Women's Center
>July 8, 2010

Employees from Walgreens Lend a Green Thumb to Abingdon Senior Housing Residents
>June 23, 2010

Mercyhurst Prep Students Devote a Week to Volunteering at Catholic Charities Programs
>June 17, 2010

Mary Finds a New Apartment In Her Neighborhood
>June 16, 2010

Students at the Waldorf School Serve at the Esperanza Center
>June 10, 2010

AAI Employees Get to Work at Villa Maria
>June 8, 2010

McCormick Treats the Children at Villa Maria to a BBQ
>June 8, 2010

Kremena Cherishes Her Mentor Experience
>June 7, 2010

A Piece of Cake
>June 7, 2010
An article describing what baking a cake and gift planning have in common.

All Aboard
>June 7, 2010

Belle of the Ball
>June 7, 2010

Early Intervention at St. Jerome's Head Start
>June 7, 2010

Farewell and Thank You to Our 2009/2010 SERVE volunteers
>June 3, 2010

Dollars and Money Sense
>May 21, 2010

Esperanza Center Celebrates Volunteers with Spring Luncheon
>May 19, 2010

Abell Foundation Funds Technology Upgrade
>May 12, 2010
Our Daily Bread Employment Center and My Sister’s Place Women’s Center recently received a generous $500,000 grant from the Abell Foundation. A portion of the funds were used to upgrade ODBEC’s public computer lab, offering clients newer and faster technology to assist in their employment search.

Father Thomas Donellan Volunteers His Time at the Esperanza Center
>May 11, 2010

Thanks to the Esperanza Center, Jorge no Longer Needs a Translator
>May 11, 2010

Leonor Finds Hope at the Esperanza Center
>May 11, 2010

Luis Feels Welcome at the Esperanza Center
>May 11, 2010

Edward Bruz Is Learning English at the Esperanza Center
>May 11, 2010

Commitment to Change Yields Brighter Futures
>May 6, 2010
Ronald, Clifton, and Paul entered Christopher Place Employment Academy like most men before them - homeless, lost, and without a plan to get their lives back on track. Today, after much hard work and dedication as well as the opportunities afforded them through Christopher Place Employment Academy, these three men have found a path towards a brighter future with new careers at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Grant Winner Restarts Project Documenting Home Remedies
>May 5, 2010

Juan Thanks The Esperanza Center
>May 3, 2010

Mario Candia-Espinobarros Hopes to Teach English
>May 3, 2010

Melkin Learned to Speak English at the Esperanza Center
>May 3, 2010

Fabiola Finds Great Reward in Volunteering at the Esperanza Center
>May 3, 2010

Emmeline Finds Friendship at the Esperanza Center
>May 3, 2010

Colleen Gormanly Devotes a Year of Service to the Esperanza Center
>May 3, 2010

The Esperanza Center Opened a Door of Opportunities for Luisa Lopez
>May 3, 2010

Maryvale Students Devote a Day of Service to Catholic Charities Programs
>May 3, 2010

Our Daily Bread's Soggiest Heroes
>May 3, 2010
Volunteers like Pam, Bill, and Kathy bring light to the Our Daily Bread dish room and see an opportunity to serve where others only see a sticky and damp mess.

Anna's Guys Go Fishing
>April 29, 2010

Senior Housing Employees Lend a Hand at Our Daily Bread
>April 29, 2010

A Commitment to Our Community and Our Future
>April 27, 2010
Shelley Fowler was the first of PNC’s Greater Maryland employees to earn a $1,000 grant for the center where she volunteered 40 hours - Catholic Charities Head Start of Carroll County in Westminster.

Vondelayo's Success
>April 22, 2010
Families That Work client finds employment

A Year of Service Creates Sense of Community
>April 20, 2010
Catholic Charities Project SERVE volunteer reflect on why they are devoting a year of service to Baltimore.

Serve As He Has Served Us
>April 20, 2010
St. John Westminster, Youth Minister, Ken DeMoll writes about what it means to teach teens about the meaning of service.

Do You Know What I Have Done For You?
>April 20, 2010
Michael Buckley and Jeanette Suflita write about how their life experience motivated them to volunteer at the Our Daily Bread Employment Center.

Lisa Budlow: From Attorney to a Non Profit Manager of Special Projects
>March 18, 2010

Margaret Cunningham Lives Like a Princess at Owings Mills New Town
>March 16, 2010

Dana's Letter of Appreciation to Christopher Place Employment Academy
>March 9, 2010
Dana, a Christopher Place Employment Academy participant shares what the program had helped him to accomplish and the new life he has been able to build.

Perfect equation
>March 8, 2010

Entering the Green Industry
>March 4, 2010
This fall Our Daily Bread Employment Center entered into the green industry by implementing a Weatherization Learnership Training Program.

Christopher Place Men Paying it Forward
>March 4, 2010
It is part of the Christopher Place philosophy to consistently give back to the community.Year round the CP men are involved in various community service activities to others who are in similar situations as themselves or to mutually support those who have supported them with in-kind donations.

Employees Transformed into Super Heroes During Snowmaggedon
>March 3, 2010

The snow keeps coming
>February 15, 2010

Reggie and Gloria Find Love at Basilica Place
>February 12, 2010
Reggie and Gloria did not expect to find love in Catholic Charities senior housing, but when their friendship took this unexpected turn, the two were soon wed.

Owings Mills Senior Housing Resident Shares Her Experience
>February 2, 2010

Creating a Path Toward Stable Employment
>January 27, 2010
Every Friday the sounds of accomplishment and congratulations can be heard humming from the classroom at ODBEC which hosts the weekly Work 4 Success Employability Workshop.

More Blessed To Give Than Receive
>January 27, 2010
Monte is just one of a handful of volunteers who regularly volunteer to serve meals that they themselves rely on as their main source of food each day.

From Client to Cook: Anita's Journey to Stability with the Help of My Sister's Place Women's Center
>January 22, 2010
Anita came to My Sister's Place Women's Center seeking support to make changes in her life. What she found has made a profound impact. Today, Anita is the evening cook for My Sister's Place Women's Center feeding hungry women and children in the same dinning room where she once sat.

Ronnie Feels Blessed to Have Found MSPWC
>January 4, 2010
"Ronnie", a 60 year-old woman who had spend her life working and building for the future, found herself alone, homeless, and with no where to turn.

Catholic Charities’ Executive Director William J. McCarthy, Jr. represented faith-based providers of services to Maryland’s poor at Maryland Interfaith Legislative Committee in Annapolis
>December 16, 2009

St. Jerome's Fathers and their Children Gather for Movie Night With Santa
>December 14, 2009

Reister's View Resident Runs Her Own Santa's Workshop
>December 14, 2009

I'm excited about being part of the Noah's Place Family
>November 24, 2009

Sarah's House Helps Amber and Earl Get Back on Track
>November 19, 2009
This season, Amber her husband Earl and their son Johnny have so much to be thankful for and with the help of Sarah’s House they are looking forward to a brighter New Year.

Rose Receives Kindness and Care at the Esperanza Center
>November 11, 2009
Rose came to the Unites States after fleeing persecution in Africa. Looking for help with her asylum application, Rose came to Esperanza Center. Here she found the legal resouces she needed as well as health services and kindness like none she had ever known beofre.

Robert Gets a Second Chance at Life
>November 11, 2009
Through the help of Christopher Place Employment Academy, Robert has found the support he neeeds to overcome his addiction and is now persuing a Masters degree in Social Work.

Loretta Finds Stability and Support at My Sister's Place
>November 11, 2009

Manna Gives Thanks to Sarah's House
>November 11, 2009
Manna shares with us the gratitude she feels towards Sarah's House for the support she and her child have recieved.

Ronald Discovers Recipe for Success at ODBEC
>November 10, 2009

Patrick Miles Receives Unsung Hero Award
>November 4, 2009

Harkins Builders Bring Fright and Delight to Villa Maria
>October 30, 2009
Harkins Builders employees delivered their fifth annual Halloween Party to the children at Villa Maria, much to their delight. This spookey celebration is enjoyed by the kids and adults a like who both look forward to the annual tradition.

Tiffany Gets Back on Her Feet and Finds a New Career at MSP Lodge
>October 26, 2009
Tiffany found herself a victim of the 2009 economic downturn and after losing her job found herself homeless. She was referred to My Sister's Place Lodge from the Code Blue shelter and there she found peace of mind, support, and the guidance she needed to start a new career and return to the stable life she once had.

In Their Own Words: Why We Volunteer at Our Daily Bread
>October 8, 2009
Our Daily Bread meal service volunteers speak about why they volunteer and share their experiences.

Spiritual Retreat Guides Christopher Place Men on Their Journey
>October 8, 2009
The men of Christopher Place Employment Academy renew their spirits by participating in a three day reflective retreat at Seneca Rocks in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forrest this summer.

Hal Smith, Executive Director Emeritus, Receives National Honor
>October 1, 2009

Samuel Burris Got His Head Start at St. Jerome's
>September 24, 2009
Sam credits his leadership skills and commitment to his education to his from his experience at St. Jerome’s Head Start.

Single Father Rebuilds the Life of His Family Through the Help of Catholic Charities’ Sarah’s House
>September 16, 2009

Ms. Diane Asta Finds Hope and Gives Back
>September 16, 2009
A recent widow found her self living on the streets. Through the help of My Sister's Place Women's Center, she has been able to regain stability in her life. Now she gives back by volunteering in the dinning room each day.

Feeding the Body and Soul
>September 11, 2009
My Sister’s Place Women’s Center has partnered with The Cancer Project to provide the Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Class series for guests and volunteers.

Children's Center Receives a Renovation
>September 3, 2009
Maura transforms the Children's Center at Anna's House with the help of the Girl Scouts and other volunteers.

Kevin Found Support and Stability at Holden Hall
>August 27, 2009
Kevin has found the stability and strength he needed at Holden Hall to maintain his sobriety and build a better future.

Mark's Story
>August 24, 2009
Ready to make a chage in his life and looking for the right program to support him in this journey, Mark came to Christopher Place Employment Academy. Today, he is learning the keys to success, rebuilding relationships with his family and planning for his future.

Students Make an Impact in Summer 2009
>August 18, 2009
Several stories of student volunteers.

Volunteers Find Love at Our Daily Bread
>July 1, 2009
Kelly and Lou first met while volunteering at Our Daily Bread. As the couple approachs their 10-year anniversary they find the same joy in volunteering as the day that they met.

Doing More with Less, State and City Government Officials Visit Our Daily Bread
>July 1, 2009

Oak Crest Village Employees Create Connection at Christopher Place
>June 24, 2009
Employees of Oak Crest Village Retirement Communities visit Christopher Place Employment Academy to interact over dinner with a group of men reclaiming their lives.

Navy Officers and Sarah's House Celebrate the Final Days of Summer
>June 24, 2009
Naval Chief Petty Officer Selectees hosted an afternoon barbeque for the staff and residents of Sarah’s House.

Doing More with Less -- State and City Government Officials Volunteer at ODB
>June 24, 2009
State and City Government Officials Volunteer at ODB

Dre's Story
>June 24, 2009
Holden Hall helps Dre’, a 38-year-old man with multiple physical handicaps and an addiction history, turn his life around.

Margaret's Story
>June 24, 2009
Margaret overcomes addiction and earns her GED

John Supports Our Daily Bread and Himself with Charitable Gift Annuities
>June 11, 2009

Anna’s Guys Make Fast Friends at Anna’s House
>June 11, 2009

Portuguese Water Dogs Teach Love and Bring Hope
>May 1, 2009

Giving Her All - Now and in the Future
>May 1, 2009

Using a CGA to Help Women In Need
>May 1, 2009

A Good Habit That Won't End
>May 1, 2009

Helping Herself While Helping Others
>May 1, 2009

Giving Another Chance
>May 1, 2009

The ODB Senior Breakfast Program Offers More than Meals
>April 16, 2009
“There is a real camaraderie between the staff, volunteers and those of us eating breakfast [at Our Daily Bread]," says Warren Bell.

T. Rowe Price Employees Volunteer for Christopher Place Dinner Service
>April 13, 2009
Every first Monday of the month, Patrick Miles, a Senior Manager at T. Rowe Price, brings his male co-workers to Christopher Place Employment Academy to help to prep and serve the evening meal and enjoy dinner with the men.

Our Daily Bread Family Volunteers
>April 13, 2009
When Sue Walker noticed a poster on her church bulletin board announcing that Our Daily Bread was in need of volunteers she was instantly interested in learning more. Almost 17 years later, volunteering at Our Daily Bread has become a family affair for Sue and her two siblings, Sheila Woolfolk and Sam Kearns.

Spring Flowers Grow at Jenkins Senior Living Community
>April 13, 2009
"One of our favorite projects is maintaining Noah’s Place Garden at St. Elizabeth’s. It gives the residents and the staff a brighter and more colorful place to enjoy the outdoors,” says Robert Gerth, M&T Bank, Group Vice President-Central Operations.

Loyola College Spring Break Outreach
>April 13, 2009
Loyola College's Spring Break Outreach program is a unique alternative spring break program that immerses students into human service volunteer opportunities throughout Baltimore.

Linda Lewis Serves up Smiles at Sarah’s House
>April 13, 2009
Long-time volunteer Linda Lewis from Ark and Dove Presbyterian is known to the children at Sarah's House as the chicken nugget lady.

Air Force Volunteers in Full Force at Sarah’s House Bull Roast
>April 13, 2009
Jason Vottero, who began volunteering for Sarah’s House fours years ago through the First-6 Association, keeps coming back to volunteer at events like the Bull Roast, summer picnics, and gift wrapping at Christmas because, “The staff and guests are so nice and the events are always fun and family oriented, which allows me to bring my daughter along. For me, the draw is supporting Sarah’s House and their focus is on strengthening families and providing services that support women and children.”

Hilda Peacock Lifts Spirits at My Sister’s Place
>April 13, 2009
Hilda Peacock has a degree in Theater Arts Communication in Acting, and facilitates workshops to help build the self-esteem of the clients at My Sister's Place.

Gale Capitol Fitzell Gets Back More than She Gives
>April 13, 2009
Gale Capital Fitzell says that what motivates her to volunteer is the fact that the Gallagher Services clients always appreciate whatever you do for them, "you get back more than you give!"

Ed Sommerfeldt Completes the Christopher Place Equation
>April 13, 2009
Ed Sommerfeldt volunteers four days a week teaching the men of Christopher Place math and computer skills, serving as a mentor, and helping with resume writing and job searches at Our Daily Bread Employment Center.

Tuesdays with Mr. Fecher
>April 13, 2009
From their first meeting, Mary Ellen Cote and Caritas House resident, Mr. Fecher, seemed to hit it off. They exchanged phone numbers and set a date for their next meeting.

Charles McFadden Transforms a Life as a Villa Maria Mentor
>April 13, 2009
When the counselor mentioned that there were so many African-American boys living at Villa Maria, but very few African-American male mentors, Charles McFadden began to think, “I have the time, along with the desire and willingness to share myself with another person, this is my opportunity to help.”

Marlene Holloway
>April 10, 2009
Marlene Holloway, a mentor who understands the importance of being an encourager and how to have fun!

Tasha's Story
>March 30, 2009
At Sarah's House, Tasha developed a case plan to ensure a stable future for herself and her daughter.

Tony Peddicord
>March 24, 2009
A story from Joan Peddicord, advocate for Gallagher client Tony Peddicord, about his life at Gallagher Services.

An Angel Among Us: Gina Adams
>March 24, 2009
Gina Adams, a volunteer at MSPWC, enters a triathalon to raise money.

Keith's Story
>March 16, 2009
“I feel like I let the community down a little bit when I was using drugs. Now that I'm here I want to give something back to all the people that come here - the groups that tour, the volunteers, the new guys in the program, everyone,” says Keith. Read Keith's story about how the Christopher Place Employment Academy has helped him build a new life.

In My Own Words, by Elsie Hartlove
>March 13, 2009
I’m quite content at St. Elizabeth’s. I’ve made many friends here. I’m cared for by a wonderful group of staff people, friends and family.

Irma's Story
>March 13, 2009

Ray's Story
>March 12, 2009
Ray spent most of his life in and out of prison. Today, Ray has graduated from the Maryland Re-Entry Partnership, is a member of the Christopher Place Employment Academy, and can be seen riding his new scooter to Carrabba’s Italian Grill where he has been employed since May 2008, and will begin classes this fall at Baltimore City Community College where he will major in computer technology.

Michelle's Story
>March 12, 2009
When Michelle came into the Our Daily Bread Employment Center she was nine months pregnant, distressed, angry, and with feet so swollen her shoes could barely be removed. Read her story of hope and new life.

Jeff's Story
>March 12, 2009
When Jeff entered the Our Daily Bread Employment Center looking for a change he was unshaven, in soiled clothing, and was living in dire survival mode. Years of alcohol abuse had left him homeless, friendless, and without support of his family. Read about how Jeff has turned his life around.

Darnell Taylor
>March 12, 2009
When Darnell was released from prison, he had no where to turn, but then he stopped in for a meal at the Our Daily Bread Employment Center. "Without Our Daily Bread Employment Center, I could be back to prison,” he says. Read about how he rebuilt his life.

Sister Eileen Davis, Daughter of Charity, Returns to the Pastoral Care Program at the Jenkins Senior Living Community
>March 11, 2009

Joyce Swanson, Sarah's House Program Director of Client Services, Began as a Volunteer
>March 11, 2009

Debbie Seigle Moves from Accounting to Senior Housing to Make a Difference in People's Lives
>March 11, 2009

Dr. Robert Canosa Keeps Focus on a True Consumer-Provider Partnership
>March 11, 2009

Debbie Sterrett Learns a Lot from Gallagher Services Clients
>March 11, 2009

Ghazala Chughtai of Villa Maria Pursues her Second Master's Degree
>March 11, 2009

Mike Dunphy Works to See Children Learn to Trust and Hope Again
>March 11, 2009

Tia Is Well on her Way to Building a Better Life
>March 11, 2009
Tia came to MSPWC in 2008 facing many challenges. Read about her journey to self-sufficiency.

Markita Became a Certified Nursing Assistant
>March 11, 2009
Markita Floyd found herself homeless and unemployeed. With help from My Sister's Place, she rebuilt her life.

Beth and Madison: A HOPE Program Success Story
>March 11, 2009
Beth and Madison are fraternal twin sisters who were referred individually to the HOPE program while still in the hospital following their birth.

My First Year
>March 11, 2009
Cindy Ryan, from Gallagher Services, talks about her first year as a volunteer.

My Cousin Ricky
>March 11, 2009
The story of Ricky Breitenbach, Gallagher Services client, as told by his cousin

LaShaun's Story
>March 11, 2009
Two of Lashaun’s children completed the St. Jerome’s Head Start program and now attend Baltimore City schools.