Outpatient Mental Health Service for the Deaf Available at Catholic Charities Child and Family Services Division

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02 Dec 09 12:00 AM CST

Catholic Charities’ Child and Family Services Division is pleased to announce a new service for Baltimore’s Deaf and hard of hearing population: Out-patient mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families who are on Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible.

We now have a mental health clinician able to communicate effectively in American Sign Language as well as Signed English.  Louise Cohen-Silver, Ph.D., brings to the program a depth of experience in working with individuals and families who are deaf or hard of hearing.  She holds a Doctorate in Counseling and Development from The American University and a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education from The University of North Florida.

The office is located at our Villa Maria at Fallstaff location, 6999 Reisterstown Rd.  Off-site services will also be available as needed.

Our office is ready to take calls through the Maryland Relay 711, then call 410-585-0598 to schedule an appointment today. 

For more general information, please call 410-585-0598.


More information about Villa Maria Behavioral Health Clinic at Fallstaff