Baltimore Child and Adolescent Response System (B-CARS)
1118 Light Street #200, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA
410.727.4800, Hotline: 410.752.2272

Baltimore Child and Adolescent Response System (B-CARS)

The Baltimore City Child and Adolescent Response System (B-CARS) provides comprehensive community-based services for children in mental health crisis. B-CARS provides brief and intensive community-based services for children in psychiatric crisis to divert or shorten in-patient hospitalization and to link clients to community providers that will serve them for ongoing care.

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Our services include:

  • A 24/7 Crisis Hot line
  • Intensive Individual/Family Therapy
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
  • Supportive School Consultation and Advocacy
  • Urgent Care Clinic
  • Services to Divert Emergency Department Utilization

Most recently B-CARS has worked in partnership with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS) to provide supportive Stabilization and Crisis Intervention Services for children in traditional, kinship, or treatment Foster care. The same of array of services are offered to foster families and services are accessed by referral from a DSS caseworker and/or a family can request services themselves.

To access B-CARS Services, Please use the guide below

Source of Referral

Eligibility Criteria

Contact Information

  • Biological Parent
  • School
  • Pediatrician
  • Any concerned person
  • Child is under 18 and living with their biological parent
  • Baltimore City Resident
  • Experiencing a self described mental health crisis
  • Has Medicaid Insurance or is Unisured
  • Eligible for traditional B-CARS

24 hour Hotline:


  • Kinship Parent/Guardian
  • Foster Parent
  • Foster Care Caseworker
  • Therapeutic Foster Care Caseworker
  • Child is in kinship, traditional or treatment Foster care
  • Stabilization and support is needed to prevent a placement disruption or help a child assimilate to a new placement
  • Child needs mental health crisis intervention
  • Eligible for: B-CARS DSS Stabilization
  • Foster Parents: Contact your caseworker and ask that a referral be made, or if urgent assistance is needed – call the Screening Unit at (410) 361-2235 and ask that an immediate B-CARS referral be made
  • Caseworkers: Use the forms located on the DSS intranet or this website. If urgent response is needed, call the B-CARS supervisor on call at (410) 440-1089.

In the case of the traditional B-CARS program, the goals of treatment are to avoid an inpatient hospitalization, stabilize the crisis and link children and families to services that will help them long term. The goals of the DSS Stabilization partnership include the above as well as the goal of providing assistance to avoid any placement disruptions.

Other Resources

Phone number: 667-600-2880
To access service (Hotline) : 410.752.2272

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