The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

3320 Benson Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21227


Long Term Care at St. Elizabeth

"Your beautiful building and dedicated, caring staff provided my mother with a full and rich lifestyle that perfectly met her needs and desires."- St. Elizabeth Family Member

The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth believes that the best approach to long term nursing care is one that views each Elder individually. Through holistic, compassionate care, St. Elizabeth strives to completely eliminate the three plagues of the elderly: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. 

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Health Care

Through a personally tailored restorative care program, we will focus our care on helping Elders maintain the highest level of health possible. Each Elder's care will be overseen by a clinical team including a physician, dietitian, nurses, and other support staff. Staff are available 24/7 to support Elders with any of their daily needs including medication management, bathing, dressing, and more.

Socialization & Leisure

At The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth, Elders are encouraged to participate in life-long pleasures as well as explore new opportunities for learning and engagement. Our staff will take the time to truly get to know each Elder personally and will plan leisure & learning opportunities based directly off of each Elders personal desires. Organic socialization between Elders is easily achieved through our unique neighborhood design- Elders are able to form relationships through shared meals and gatherings. Families are always invited to spend time with their loved one and often find themselves building new relationships of their own.


St. Elizabeth views spiritual and emotional health to be just as important as medical health. For that reason, we have established a full-time Chaplin and on-site Pastoral Care department who provide daily mass, as well as group & personal visits. Elders and their families are invited to attend a mass or spend quiet time in our beautiful two story chapel any time they desire.