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Hospice Services

Please contact us for more information about hospice services and to find out if you qualify.

Call 667.600.2623 or use our contact form.

An array of support services are provided to each individual and family participating in the Hospice program at St. Elizabeth: 

  • Nursing care
  • Pastoral care
  • Volunteer support
  • Social work support
  • Bereavement support for the family 

Please contact us for more information about our Hospice care program.

“There are many sacred moments that each human being must experience – each moment offering precious gifts. To me, perhaps the most sacred and precious gift of all is that invitation to journey with another through their dying process.  When curative measures are no longer deemed effective, many people transition through death with a philosophy of care commonly known as “Hospice.”

No longer is a specific symptom the focus of care, but rather compassionate care is extended to the whole person. Hospice, while addressing medical needs, is also addressing the spiritual, social and emotional needs of each individual and their family. Hospice provides comfort and dignity, so each person can live their life to the fullest, respecting and encouraging their independence at all times. It creates an environment that allows for life review and for validation of that life lived.”
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