Becoming Myself Again

(l-r) Meg Otake, an occupational therapist, Virginia Mellendick and Gredrivus Valaitis, a physical therapist at St. Elizabeth.

"On the 21st of May, I went into the Upper Chesapeake Hospital, as a result of neurological difficulties that I was having.  There were a number of symptoms and I was having trouble walking.  I spent several days there, and they actually never came up with a clear diagnosis of what was wrong.  However, they recommended that I have rehabilitation therapy before going home.  It was clear to me that I needed what they recommended.  I decided to go to St. Elizabeth for rehabilitation.  It was the best decision I could have made, because I received excellent care. From the start everyone was helpful, professional and reassuring.  I was very comfortable and felt at home. 

When I would get up in the morning I was greeted by Margie the Nursing Assistant she took my vitals and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. Let me say that from breakfast through dinner the food was excellent.  The selections were varied, tasty and served in the family dining room.  After breakfast I had Physical Therapy for an hour and learned all of the exercises that were going to make me better—and did!  After lunch, I had Occupational Therapy.   It surprised me that I needed to go through the activities of daily living—making a bed, scrambling an egg, and doing a load of wash, but I did.  It was helpful because it gave me the confidence.  As it happened, 2:00 in the afternoon became the highlight of my day—snack time.  I always had a milk shake.  Dr. Yi ordered it! 

I lived at St. Elizabeth for 20 days.  And day by day, I could feel that I was getting stronger, and more capable.  I was becoming myself again. I left St. Elizabeth very grateful for the excellent care that I received, and went back to my life actually stronger in many ways than I had been in a long time!"

Virginia Mellendick


The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth

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