Esperanza Center

430 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231


Client Services

The Esperanza Center welcomes new immigrants to the community and provides extensive casework and access to programs and information to help immigrants integrate into the American culture and improve their quality of life. We assist more than 2,000 new immigrants annually with referrals, employment assistance, information, and financial literacy.

Client Services for Immigrants:

Information and Referrals

We provide more than 600 referrals annually, helping clients with non-immigration legal matters, utilities, personal finances, housing, medical care, education, and as well as other services that address their basic needs.

Community Advocacy

We assist clients with completing hundreds of forms, including school enrollment and various applications, as well as composing letters related to education, finances, housing, legal, medical, and public housing. We help our clients access educational, health, and a variety of services to meet their day-to-day needs.  

Employment Assistance

Employers and employees are matched daily as employment is available for our clients. We have been able to assist and place over 100 bilingual professional and skilled workers into professional and entry-level positions.


We assist clients with written translation as it relates to correspondence or applications. 

For more information please call 667.600.2900 or email