The Green House Residences at Stadium Place

1010 E 33rd St, Baltimore, MD 21218


The Green House® Model

Catholic Charities’ Green House Residences at Stadium Place is the first in Maryland based on the Green House ® Model of resident-centered rehabilitation, nursing care and long-term care. 

When frail Elders with health care needs are unable to live independently and need long-term care, their options are limited. Some elect family-centered care, while others move to traditional nursing homes. The Green House Residences showcase an alternative for Elders. Life in most nursing homes is regulated and planned based on medical care; the elders are kept on a schedule that accommodates the needs of the medical staff. By contrast, the goal of the Green House model is for Elders to thrive in a true home environment, where they set their own schedules, and where they are not viewed as patients. 

The Green House is home!

If you wouldn’t have it in your home, you won’t find it in our Green House! There won’t be nurses’ stations, medicine carts, or uniforms. Each of our four Green House Residences is a self-contained home for 12 Elders. Each Elder has a private bedroom with a private bathroom. The private areas are organized around the “Hearth,” a central living room with a fireplace. The open kitchen and Hearth provides the setting for Elders to gather for recreation, socialization, meal preparation, and dining with staff to build strong relationships within the Green House family. Elders work with the staff to decide daily activities, schedules and meal times so that all aspects of daily living, including health care, support a high quality of life for Elders.

The Green House model was developed by the internationally recognized leader for cultural change within nursing facilities, Dr. William Thomas. Dr. Thomas' vision is to build a new type of residence that will be a real home for the elders who live there, while meeting each of their medical needs as well as all regulatory requirements.

So Why Catholic Charities?

Catholic Charities was chosen for this project because of its extensive experience with elder centered life. The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth Rehabilitation and Nursing Center already follows many of the Green House philosophies.  Catholic Charities is growing with the Green House in its commitment to supporting elders as they continue to grow and thrive.