Race Results for the 2012 Dragon Boat Races

Competitive Brackets

Division A


 Time (sec.)

 Split (sec.)

 1st place  T. Rowe Price  1:34.70 Best time of the day!  
 2nd place  M&T Bank  1:35.13  0.43
 3rd place  Brown Advisory  1:40.80  6.10

 Division B

 1st place  Transamerica  1:44.71  Best rookie time of the day!
 2nd place  Reznick Group  1:52.22  7.51
 3rd place  DAP  1:47.04  

 Division C

 1st place  Office of the Mayor  1:49.60  
 2nd place  DST Brokerage Solutions  1:49.78  0.18
 3rd place  Legg Mason  1:56.80  7.20

Not all the competition was on the water. View the Team Spirit Awards here.

Bank Challenge Winner

M&T Bank (1:35.79 sec.)

Catholic Challenge Winner

Archdicese of Baltimore (1:53.71 sec.)

Construction Challenge Winner

Hamel Builders (1:41.96 sec.)

Corporate Challenge Winner

Constellation (1:43.91 sec.)

Corporate Rookie Challenge Winner

Priority Worldwide (1:56.95 sec.)

Financial Services Challenge Winner

T. Rowe Price (1:35.67 sec.)

Financial Services Rookie Challenge Winner

Reznick Group (1:45.88 sec.)

Government Challenge Winner

US Airforce (1:55.92 sec.)

Media/Communications Challenge Winner

Millennial Media (1:45.35 sec.)

Non-Profit Challenge Winner

United Way (1:53.75)


View more race day photos here.