2008 Dragon Boat Races

Watch highlights of the 2008 Dragon Boat Races.

Congratulations to the Dragon Boat Races 2008 Competition Division Co-Champions -

T. Rowe Price and Struever Bros. Eccles and Rouse

2008 Champions







Congratulations to VERIZON, the Dragon Boat Races 2008 Sport Division Champion!







Race Awards

Competition Division

T. Rowe Price and Struever Bros. Eccles and Rouse

3rd Place: PHH Arval

4th Place: DAP, Inc.

Sport Division

1st Place:          Verizon

2nd Place:         Whiting-Turner

3rd Place:          Provident Bank

4th Place:          Legg Mason

Fastest Time of the Day: Harkins Builders 1:36

Team Spirit Awards

Hat Contest


1st Place: Office of the Mayor

Office of the Mayor










2nd Place: MileOne Automotive

Mile One










3rd Place AND Winner of the Fan Favorite Hat Competition: Erickson Retirement Communities

Erikson Retirement Communities










Tent Contest

1st Place: DAP, Inc. 









2nd Place: Eastern Savings Bank

Eastern Savings Bank







3rd Place: Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities





Chant Contest 

1st Place: Struever Bros. Eccles and Rouse

Streuver Brothers Eccles and Rouse








2nd Place: T. Rowe Price 

T. Rowe Price








3rd Place: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Mt. Carmel