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Otenasek Scholarships

Anne Lindsey Otenasek

The Anne Lindsey Otenasek Scholarships are awarded at a dinner held in May each year where family, friends, volunteers, and staff gather to honor Lindsey Otenasek with the presentation of scholarships that in some measure fulfill the promise of a young woman whose life was tragically cut short by the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Lindsey was on Flight 103 returning home on Christmas break from a semester studying abroad.  She had decided on her major in Special Education at Western Maryland College, in a large part as a result of her volunteer experience as a Special Friend with Gallagher Services.  Joleen Bouknight, who lived in Gallagher Services’ Main Center, was Lindsey’s Special Friend throughout her high school years at Notre Dame Preparatory School.  Her commitment to Jolene went far beyond what was required, as her service hours could have easily been satisfied in one year.  Those years, days, and minutes spent with Jolene had a profound influence on Lindsey and helped shape her life.

The first scholarships were given to two volunteers and two staff persons in May of 1991 at a dinner that was held at the Hopkins Club.  After the third year at the Hopkins Club, the dinners have been held in the former chapel at Gallagher Services’ Main Center, where Special Friends Joleen and Lindsey Otenasek spent so much time together. The Otenasek family is forever grateful for the dedication of the scholarship recipients’ service to others, and the overwhelming generosity of family and friends that have enabled Lindsey’s memory to live on through the scholarship program.