Treatment Foster Care

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How to Become a Treatment Foster Parent

If you or someone you know is interested in providing a safe, and loving environment for children in need, please call 410-685-2363.

As a treatment foster parent, you would have an opportunity to serve children and adolescents traumatized by severe child maltreatment who often are experiencing behavioral problems and emotional disturbances.  By providing care, you would be an integral member of the professional treatment team and be responsible for providing the child with a corrective and re-educational living experience.  With this responsibility comes a number of duties and skills one must perform as a treatment foster parent. 

You may become somewhat surprised at the thoroughness of this process and the length of time it takes to become a treatment foster parent, but it can also be a very rewarding experience.  All prospective foster parents must meet the same minimum eligibility requirements set by the State of Maryland regardless of which foster care agency provides certification.  It is important to remember that the Center for Family Services will be working with you during the certification process to assist you in completing the requirements.  Please keep in mind that caring for someone else’s child will have an impact on your family life, which will require some adjustments and a firm commitment on your part. The more informed we are about you and your family, the better able we are to place children appropriately according to your family dynamics.

Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, there are also several certification requirements.  With successful completion of certification and placement of a foster child, treatment foster parents are given a monthly stipend which includes the regular board rate for the care of the foster children and an additional difficulty of care amount for their efforts to provide care and supervision for children with challenging needs. 

For questions on how to become a treatment foster parent, please email us at or call 410-685-2363 (Baltimore City office).