International Adoptions

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International Adoption Programs

Catholic Charities has direct relationships with child placement agencies in the following countries:

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Holt Children’s Services, Seoul, Korea

Applications for Korea are not being accepted at this time. Catholic Charities will reopen applications when our waiting list has decreased.


Boys 2 - 3 years old

Where cared for

Foster homes

Average wait from approved homestudy to arrival

2 - 3 years - subject to change

Eligibility, as per Korean government regulations

Ages 25 – 42 1/2 years. Maximum Body Mass Index less than 34, at least a high school diploma, married at least three years



Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Quezon City, Philippines


Children aged 1 year and above, and sibling groups.

Where cared for

Most children are cared for in orphanages.

Average wait from approved homestudy to arrival

Children aged 6 and younger:  2-3 years from home study to arrival (subject to change)
Children 7 and above, sibling groups of three or more,  and children with special medical/social needs:  1-2 years from home study to arrival (subject to change)
Relative children:  please see link below

Eligibility, as per Philippine government regulations

Married couples married 3 years or longer

Single women for children aged 8 and older

Minimum age 25 – The younger parent should be no more than 45 years older than the child to be adopted

Affinity with some Christian denomination preferred.

Maximum Body Mass Index of 35. Those on medication for mental health issues are not eligible to apply. No history of cancer, or current chronic health conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions, MS, etc.

You can find more information about adopting a relative child from the Philippines here.

Catholic Charities works with other United States agencies to place children from the following countries:



China’s Child of Promise


Older infants and toddler girls and boys with very minor medical special needs.

Where cared for

Orphanages and/or foster homes

Average wait from approved homestudy to arrival

9-12 months (effective 8/11) - subject to change

Eligibility, as per Chinese government regulations

Married couples, at least 3-year marriage; at least 30 years old, up to age 49 and 9 months. No history of mental health disgnoses, arrests, or DUI/DWI within 10 years. Maximum Body Mass Index of 40. Single women accepted for children with moderate special needs.




Toddlers and school aged children

Where cared for


Average wait from approved homestudy to arrival

18 - 24 months

Eligibility, as per Ethiopian government requirements

Married couples and singles, 25 - 50 years old.

Other Agencies or Foreign Sources

Catholic Charities also works cooperatively with other adoption agencies/sources that place children from a variety of countries. For more information about any of these sources, please call our office. We also work with families who have located their own legitimate source in any country that permits international adoption. Catholic Charities’ international sources in Korea and the Philippines will not accept homestudies from other agencies and prefer that Catholic Charities conduct the homestudy directly. Please call us with any questions about this requirement.