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This fee schedule does not apply to applicants adopting their relatives. A separate fee schedule applies in these situations. Please call us for more information (contact info at left).

Catholic Charities (C.C.) is a private, non-profit, Maryland licensed child placement agency serving applicants of all faiths.  Our adoption program is entirely financed through adoption fees and donations, without any private or public subsidy.  Services cannot be provided unless all fees are paid at the times indicated below.

The adoption service fees paid to Catholic Charities are determined by the program selected.  All families pay for the Pre-Adoption Assessment/Education (Home Study) and Post-Placement Services. Applicants adopting from Korea and the Philippines pay a Placement Fee.  Applicants adopting from all other countries will work with another agency for placement services.  In those cases, placement fees will be paid directly to the other agency.

These are current fees, and are subject to change during the process. The current placement/program fees may not be in effect at the time that an assignment is made by the overseas child placement agency.


Catholic Charities’ Fees 

Application Fee: $400

Home Study fee/Post Placement fee/Training/Facilitation/Support: $5000

This full fee will be billed after your preliminary interview, and is due prior to the completion of your home study.

Fee  Description  Note
$2,500  Home Study, Interviews, Training, Evaluation  
$1,250  Facilitation/Processing Fee Coordination with foreign or US based adoption agency; support between home study and child arrival; liaison with CIS; document preparation; advocacy for our clients.
 $1,250  Post Placement Services Includes 3 post placement visit in the first six months following your child’s arrival. Also includes assistance in finalizing and re-finalizing adoption and obtaining US citizenship, which will save you attorney’s fees. Some countries (for example China and Colombia) require more than three post placement visits, and require them over a longer period of time than the typical six months. In these cases, each additional visit will cost $350.
 $5,000  Total  




$  3,200 Processing Fee #1 Due when dossier is sent to the Philippines
$    200 ICAB Dossier approval fee  
$ 3,200 Processing Fee #2 Due at the time child is referred to you
 $ 1,000 Child’s visa and travel This fee covers the processing and bureaucratic fees, documents passport, Visa, and other overseas expenses related to processing children for intercountry adoption.
 $  2,000 ICAB Placement Fee add $1000 for all additional children
$  1,000 Orphanage Donation This covers some of the costs associated with caring for the child. (Relative and Identified Adopters do not pay this fee
$   500 Chosen Children Orphanage Donation This supports the special needs children at Chosen Children Village, a residential facility for the physically and mentally handicapped.

$  11,000 (regular adoption)

$    9,000 (relative or special needs child)

Program Fee This covers Catholic Charities’ costs of supporting and maintaining the program overseas.
$  6,500 (est.) Transportation, Accommodation & In-country expenses This is the approximate cost of both parents’ roundtrip airfare and one child’s one way airfare and 5 days in-country expenses and accommodations (applicants pay this directly to airline and hotel) in the Philippines. There will be additional airfare expenses for children living outside the Metro Manila area.
$25,200  Total (Philippines) For placement of healthy, non-relative child. (plus Catholic Charities’ fees, listed above) Fees are less for special needs or relative/identified children.




 Fee Services Payable to / Due
 $     400 Catholic Charities application fee CC at time of application (waived for second/subsequent adopters)
 $  2,500 Catholic Charities home study fee CC at time of home study initiation
 $  2,500 Catholic Charities Program Fee #1 CC at time of home study initiation: includes Hague compliant education, CC’s costs related to cost of agency personnel, operational costs administrative overhead, communications
 $11,000 Catholic Charities Program Services Fee #2 Due at time of referral . Includes coordination with overseas partners (administration, communication, etc.), case management and support, travel support and preparation, including 24/7 support while family is in Colombia; and representative fee.
 $     800 (varies by psychologist) Psychological Evaluation  Paid to psychologist when preparing dossier and dossier updates. Fee varies based upon the provider and may be covered by family's medical insurance. 
 $  2,000 Catholic Charities Dossier Processing fee

CC at time of dossier submission. Includes assistance in compiling dossier documents according to ICBF guidelines, review of dossier, shipping costs, and presentation to ICBF.

ICBF administration is free of charge.

 $ 3,000 Official Translation fees Due when dossier is sent. Includes all the adoption documents: dossier, updates, referral, adoption decree, 4 post adoption reports.
 $ 2,000 Attorney fees Due at time of referral.
 $   800 (per child) Legal/Document Expenses Due at time of referral. These fees include, but are not limited to, the child's passport, adoption decree, copies of former and amended birth certificate.
 $ 1,950 Catholic Charities Post Placement fee Due at referral. This covers five post-placement visits, (which are required by the Colombian government) and assistance with readopting your child in Maryland.
 $   500 Bi-lingual guide and advocate (optional) Due at time of referral. Your bi-lingual guide and advocate will accompany you to all official appointments, including your meetings at ICBF, the court, the birth registry, passport office, medical appointments, and U.S. Embassy.
 $   700 U.S. medical exam and vaccinations for child, U.S. Embassy visa fee. Due when traveling in Columbia. Some children may require additional vaccinations.
$ 1,700 Orphanage donation
Due at time of referral.
$29,850  TOTAL COST** 


Transportation and accommodation costs in Colombia will be paid directly by the adoptive parents to the service providers. Adoptive parents should budget a 6-8 week stay in Colombia. The estimated travel costs are $10,000, which include airfare, hotel, meals, driver. Other fees (USCIS, inspections, clearances, certifications, courier services) will be paid directly by the adoptive parents to the service provider. 


Foreign Country Costs – Non-Catholic Charities Sources 

It is the responsibility of the adoptive applicants to verify the amounts they will be charged by the networking agencies, as we do not continually update these fees. These fees are subject to change during the process.

China – Holt International Children’s Services (541) 687-2202

China, India – Wide Horizons for Children (781) 894-5330

China: World Association of Children and Parents, Port Angeles, WA 206-575-4550

Your Adoption Financy Coach 

Catholic Charities has partnered with Your Adoption Finance Coach to assist adoptive parents with creating a customized financial plan to make their adoption dreams come true. This service is available to adoptive parents who have an approved home study through Catholic Charities of Baltimore. For more information about this service contact us today.

PLEASE NOTE:  FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  Fee changes may be related to fee increases in the foreign country, Catholic Charities’ business cost increases or decreases, and travel cost increases or decreases.

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