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Pregnant and need to talk?

If you are struggling with making this difficult decision for you and your baby, we can help. Our caring counselors understand that whatever decision you make, it is a life-altering one. For someone to talk to privately and confidentially, contact our counselor at 410-659-4032, 410-659-4050, collect or by email at

Considering Adoption and need to learn more?

We can assist you in choosing the best adoption plan for your family, educating yourself about life-long adoption issues, completing the home study process, communicating with foreign adoption agencies or with birthparents, and managing the waiting time through our supportive services. Contact our counselor at 410-659-4032, or by email at

Interested in Post Adoption Services?

To learn more about the variety of services available for all those in the adoption circle - birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted persons. Contact our counselor at 410-659-4050, or by email at

Visiting our offices?

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Catholic Charities Adoption Services
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