About Catholic Charities of Baltimore


I like to think of Catholic Charities as a movement. I say that because we are a family of more than 2,300 talented and dedicated employees, who are supported by 23,000 selfless volunteers and 15,000 generous donors. These marvelous individuals are of all faiths, ages and ethnicities, and together, we improve the lives of over 160,000 individuals and families. We prepare and serve over 500,000 meals a year to people who depend on us for a daily hot meal. Every day, at our 80 programs at 200 locations throughout Maryland, Catholic Charities of Baltimore is there to help.

Why do we do this—and much more? It’s because we really are inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, work for justice and to improve the lives of Marylanders in need. That is our Mission and we live it.

Our Values impel us to welcome everyone who comes to us seeking a better day and a better life. Every woman, man, and child comes to us with an immediate need, and without regard to their circumstances, we open our doors and our hearts.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore serves children and families, people living in poverty, individuals with intellectual disabilities, immigrants, and seniors. Our services address immediate needs as well as support and preparation for independence and full lives. With compassion and a standard of excellence second to none, we continue a legacy of charity that began with the establishment of the Catholic Church right here in Baltimore in 1792.

I hope you will use this website to learn more about our work. We would love to have you join us in service. You can contact us at or call (667) 600-2000. 


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